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Tamar Cerafici
Senior Associate
The Cerafici Law Office, LLC
Licenses in Utah and Idaho Only

Tamar is one of the few legal professionals in the industry who has run the gamut of new reactor licensing in the United States, from the blank page to approval. For nearly ten years she has been a leader in building the regulatory and policy framework for a new generation of nuclear plants of all sizes and designs. Currently, she advises clients interested in financing small and medium sized reactors.

Ms. Cerafici is an acknowledged expert in Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations, policy and procedure. Additionally, she is unique in her ability to apply federal and local environmental regulations to nuclear development projects.

In her twenty-year career as an environmental lawyer, she has worked closely with legislators, regulators, and owners to develop unique management strategies for hazardous materials, including high-level and low-level nuclear waste cleanup. She is internationally recognized for her ability to bridge the continuing divide between environmental and nuclear regulations.

Tamar has a number of firsts on her record. She was a major contributor to the first Early Site Permit granted under 10 CFR part 52, successfully implementing alternative site analyses that have become the general standard. She has also successfully resolved disputes with the NRC, and has defended environmental challenges to new plant applications. She has testified as an expert witness before the Atomic Safety Licensing Board as well as NRC public meetings.

Tamar is a popular speaker, author, and lecturer. In her spare time, she provides career counseling for law students and professionals in transition.


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